Better not bitter

Good things happen when you take the time to heal…really heal. You’ll get better not bitter. Your heart will be open to love again instead of becoming hard as a brick wall. Know what you need and do the work. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it.

Seeking God was all I knew to do that I was certain would help my heart heal. Therapists are good for talking it through but they also wanted me to shove a bunch of pills down my throat. For me, that’s not it! I don’t want to suppress the pain, I want it gone. So I allowed myself time to heal through Gods word, journaling, and self reflection. Now for the first time, I’m feeling a need for companionship.

God has given me the mentality to be considerate in what I bring to a relationship. I’m not bringing a broken mess into someone else’s life. I took the time. Every time I thought about entertaining someone, God would hold me accountable. This is what it’s like having a real relationship with the Lord. He will put you in check! Let’s be responsible and clean up our past residue before inviting someone new into our life. You will know it’s time when you’re emotionally free and the pain is gone. You’ll feel a weight lifted off of you like you’ve never felt before. A freedom that only comes after you’ve mastered being alone, content, and happy all at the same time. I’m there and it feels amazing. I wouldn’t complain at all if love doesn’t come again but I’m hopeful that it will happen one last time.


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