I’m LIT!

There’s this popular phrase this new generation says and it’s kind of catchy. “I’m Lit” seems to be the new phrase for attending a hype party or for someone who is feeling themselves. It has many meanings but lately when I hear those words it makes me think of being on “Fire” for God. It doesn’t come as just a thought to me. It pierces my heart because I have allowed my fire to go dim. I know! Let me explain…

Life hits you hard. Many trials will come, relationships will end, people will pass on, and we will experience great loss that challenges our faith. It will even leave us hopeless at times. I’ve been there many times in my lifetime. I remember how on fire I was when it came to my relationship with the Lord before I would experience something tragic. I was uncompromising in many areas of my life and it gave me great peace, great joy, and an overwhelming contentment. This is something that can’t be explained but only experienced. My worship, my prayers, my study time, my intimate time with God was imperative and nothing or nobody could take the place of that. There’s nothing like being connected to your life source. That’s how I know to stay “Lit”, by staying plugged in to the one who gives me my fire.

I can humble myself and admit that wholeheartedly that I haven’t kept that light as bright as I would’ve hoped. Life happened. It hit me hard and I’ve struggled to bounce back to the person I once was but I’m realizing now that I can never be that person again. My experiences have changed me so there’s no going backwards. I must press forward. Romans 12 had me in tears as I read it last night. The reminder to stay dedicated regardless of the cost is what I needed. So today, I urge you to press forward with me. If your light is dim, don’t focus on what put it out. Focus on what can light that fire again. Press forward. Never give up on your faith. Keep seeking God no matter the cost, no matter the loss, and watch that fire become more inflamed. As you are being filled with the Holy spirit and surrounded by His presence you will soon be “Lit” and on fire for God again. Let’s press together!

Your light may go dim but never let it go out! I know too much about our God to ever let the the fire die. I’ve experienced too much of Him to ever doubt His existence. 🙌🏽

James 1:4 And let endurance have its perfect result and do a thorough work, so that you may be perfect and completely developed [in your faith], lacking in nothing.


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