Time & Distractions


It’s so precious! Be aware of what and who is occupying your time. You can never get it back. As I sat down to put my focus on something extremely important to me and my purpose this weekend, suddenly everybody and everything came to throw me off course. I received random text messages and inboxes from people I don’t talk to regularly. I literally sat on the phone and had a 4 hour conversation and that NEVER happens. 4 HOURS?? I don’t even like being on the phone but it was such a great conversation that I did not realize so much time had passed. Still, at the end of the day I was disappointed. That was time I could have been working on my important project.

Spending so much time on the phone, tending to my girls, and preparing for the upcoming week left me trying to cramp time in on my project before bed but I was exhausted. It felt rushed and my focus was totally off. I fell asleep with a book in my hand (sigh).

When God is tapping on your shoulder about accomplishing something and has been doing it for a long, LONG time, it’s best you take heed before He stops tapping. I’m trying to do just that and the adversary knows it. It’s going to take some sacrifice and sometimes that may mean putting people on hold for a while. It may mean turning the tv off or setting your favorite hobby aside. It may mean saying “No”. It won’t be forever and when you’re doing that thing that God is calling you to do it will be so worth it. Obedience is better than sacrifice. We’ve heard that many times before but you’ll never get to the beauty of what that means until you get to the other side of it and “SEE” the rewards.

Many of you have things to do and this is the perfect time to get planted and focused on that thing. Someone needs you to finish the assignment. Someone needs what you’re sitting on. Don’t let them down!

Stay Focused!

Sheneka L. Terry


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