Freeway Revelation

I got up today and put on a fresh face with mascara and eyeliner only. I don’t wear much makeup on a normal day. I get me and the girls out the door and on to the freeway so I can get to work. As I’m driving on the freeway, I see some cars pulled over up ahead and prepare to slow down. I see a car that had veered off of the freeway and hit a concrete divider. The car was totaled. The person behind the wheel had opened the driver door and you could clearly see that they were wounded but still alive. Here is what God showed me through this intense moment…

There were bystanders who stopped and ran to the persons aid to see how they can help. The concrete divider saved the driver from going onto another flow of traffic that could have been a fatality. Get this…

Sometimes we end up in situations and circumstances that could have killed us but because our heavenly father is so faithful, He will allow us to get wounded but won’t let us die. The wounds serve as a reminder of the lesson we should learn when making bad choices. The wounds serve as a warning of what not to do again. The wounds also serve as a reminder that God is faithful, merciful, and graceful to keep us from total destruction. He will allow us to go through the pain of suffering but won’t allow it to consume us. Just like the people who showed up for the wounded driver, God will surround us with people who will help us recover and heal through the process. Don’t take these seasons lightly. It’s a part of your growth if you are wise enough to learn the lesson through your wounds.

On another note, how many of us neglect to be one of those bystanders (the people watching others get wounded) and do nothing?! Don’t leave someone else’s blood on your hands when you could have helped them but instead left them to deal with a wound that you could have helped them heal from.

This was so personal for me but I know it would touch someone else too.

My mascara and eyeliner is smeared.

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