Fall is near

My morning routine is the same every day but today was different. I woke up, did my hygiene thing and made my coffee. I always sit on a certain part of my couch that’s closest to the window so I can enjoy my coffee and look out the window taking in the freshness of the day. I have a conversation with my Heavenly Father and read something before my girls wake up but today instead of reading, I was captivated by the strong winds and the trees swaying back and forth. I realized that fall is approaching and a question came to me. What makes the leaves fall off of its tree?

In my research I learned that leaves go through their own storms. They face conditions such a as winds, insects, and cold weather than can damage them. When this happens the trees have to reduce themselves to their toughest parts. Only the tough leaves remain and the ones that no longer operate in their purpose (which is to turn sunlight into food for the tree) will fall off. There’s so much more detail regarding this process but that was enough for God to give me revelation.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Many people are being damaged by conditions and circumstances we never saw coming. The seasons have changed and we barely notice because we’re all in some sort of transition. Some are losing their roots and foundations for various reasons and it’s causing them to be blown away in a wind of uncertainty. My question to you is have you fallen off?

Have you lost your sunlight that feeds the people around you? Are you still being watered so you can survive the storm? No matter what we face in this world we must stay connected to our life source. That foundation will keep you grounded and UNMOVABLE during any storm or circumstance. With God as your source of sunlight you will not be swayed, moved, or become dull in spirit. With God as our source for wisdom we have a different level of understanding so we don’t complain or panic in uncertain times because we are still “certain” that He is still in control.

Don’t lose your focus. Stay planted and continue to water your spirit with the living word so that you may survive the storm. Don’t fall off! People need your sunlight to help them grow. People need YOU!! Your purpose is to allow your light to feed and encourage those around you just like the leaves uses light to supply food to the trees.

I think it’s amazing how the smallest things can tell a story so similar to ours. God is so strategic in the way He created things and their purpose for being. I pray that you continue to allow God to show you your purpose or if you already know, that you continue to grow.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you! ❤️

Sheneka L. Terry


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