The Planner Girl

I was recently asked in a podcast interview “What makes me smile?”. I answered by saying that waking up makes me smile for many reasons but there are other reasons that would have made that conversation very long. My children brighten up my life every day but that’s a given. One thing most people don’t know about me is something I don’t talk about a lot because people get confused (Literally).

About 4 years ago I stumbled across some Instagram profiles of women who were all about sharing their planning essentials and one after one, more profiles began to surface. I found this huge planning community and I became obsessed. There are thousands of women from all over the world who love planning just like me and I felt as if I had finally found my tribe Lol!

I’m a planner girl! Not an event planner but a stationery planner. Ever since I can remember I have always kept a planner and a journal. I didn’t always have many plans to keep track of but there’s something about holding a pen, paper, and a calendar that always made me happy. I plan my week and keep track of certain tasks. I keep track of Netflix series I watch, books I read, my girls food likes and dislikes. I keep a meal plan and keep track of projects, etc. The list goes on. I just love writing things down.

This is a current photo of my planner.

Not only was this huge community a shock but many of these amazing women have used their gifts to create online shops selling stickers, dashboards, washi tape, inserts, and so much more. All of which help us stay productive and personalize our planners to represent who we are and that makes it so much more pleasing to look at every day. Pictured above are all items that I’ve purchased from various shops (including the planner).

One shop that I’ve grown to love in particular is “Goldmine and Coco“. This is a black owned shop ran by the founder and CEO Felicia Jarrell who has never failed at bringing the heat every month when her new releases drop. Below are this months doll releases and if you aren’t online shopping at midnight when they drop, you will definitely miss out! Flat out! It’s an honor to support a brand that represents me but I also respect the owner. She was one of the few people that would encourage me after my husband passed away. She motivates me as I start to grow my own business and use my gifts to create things I love. This planning community is one thing that kept me lifted when I wanted to give up. I’m so thankful for finding this community and for Felicia who has always remained humble and able to “see” me.

These dolls are the October releases! These skin tones are amazing! There are still some left in the shop. Go grab them. Just click the photo! The top two photos are the CEO herself! She’s full of life!

I love being part of this community and I have recently partnered with Goldmine and Coco as a brand ambassador so if you need some of these amazing and original items including apparel and home goods, click the link below and thank me later. You won’t find them anywhere else. This is not just planning for us, it’s a lifestyle.

Click the link below to get 10% off with my discount code that will automatically show up at check out.

“A plan means nothing unless you plan to execute it”

If you missed my interview on the “Fix Ya Crown Posdcast, you click the photo below to listen in.

I throughly enjoyed this talk with my long time friend since Elementary School.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me. Stay tuned for more. There’s so many things coming up that I’m very excited about. Stay blessed and always faithful.

Sheneka L. Terry aka Peculiar Butterfly 🦋


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