Endure the Process

As I sit yet again at another cardiologist appointment, I’m a bit exhausted with the process. It’s been 6 months since I began having heart issues. In October 2021 my heart suddenly stopped beating briefly 6-8 times every single minute. After my heart pauses, that next beat was so hard that it took my breath and eventually got very painful. It’s the scariest thing wondering if the next heart beat will be your last. This initially lasted for over 30 days straight then started happening every so often which is why I’m still enduring and continually being tested. I will be fine because I know whose hands I’m in and whose I am. God is still so amazing! The process is long and exhausting but I claim healing and victory.
I shared this to encourage someone who may be exhausted in their own process and feeling like giving up. Whatever your process is, Please keep going! The process is meant to strengthen you and develop your character and faith. As long you endure til the end, your reward will be greater. We all go through things that test our patience and our faith. If you remain resilient the battles become lighter. For me life has been a training ground and the more I endure each test, the stronger I get, therefore the easier it gets because you learn how to maneuver through life more carefully being more aware of your choices that either bring more stress and complications or more peace and joy. Today I have peace and joy, even while going through this. God is still faithful!!

Stay Blessed!!


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