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Fall is near

My morning routine is the same every day but today was different. I woke up, did my hygiene thing and made my coffee. I always sit on a certain part of my couch that’s closest to the window so I can enjoy my coffee and look out the window taking in the freshness of the…

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I’m LIT!

There’s this popular phrase this new generation says and it’s kind of catchy. “I’m Lit” seems to be the new phrase for attending a hype party or for someone who is feeling themselves. It has many meanings but lately when I hear those words it makes me think of being on “Fire” for God. It…

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Faithful Heart <3

There are two words that dropped in my spirit at the beginning of 2018 as I cried out to God desperate not to feel the pain I was in. Til this day, those words have yet to leave me. “Faithful Heart” has become something that I meditate on daily. Usually when something comes to me…

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