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The Planner Girl

I was recently asked in a podcast interview “What makes me smile?”. I answered by saying that waking up makes me smile for many reasons but there are other reasons that would have made that conversation very long. My children brighten up my life every day but that’s a given. One thing most people don’t…

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Uncontrolled Emotions

It’s been three years since Jimmy passed away and I’ve noticed a pattern. It always starts a few days before October hits. Out of nowhere I’m crying uncontrollably and it doesn’t matter where I am or who’s around. I just can’t hold back my tears. I lose focus, motivation, and I am burdened by complete…

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Fall is near

My morning routine is the same every day but today was different. I woke up, did my hygiene thing and made my coffee. I always sit on a certain part of my couch that’s closest to the window so I can enjoy my coffee and look out the window taking in the freshness of the…

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